Henry & Megan | Moree Wedding

July 24, 2019


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It was the day before the wedding when I first met Henry and Megan in person. They so proudly showed me around their beautiful home and ran through the plans for the wedding day. We sussed out some great photo spots and then went our seperate ways to prepare for very big and very exciting next day.

The next day arrived and it was full steam ahead. Henry and Megan were married in the Moree Catholic Church, St Francis Xavier and then it was out to the farm for photos and celebrations.

Whilst everyone was enjoying canapés on the lawn it began to rain. By the time we were all settled into the reception and dinner was served there was a massive downpour happening and not looking to let up anytime soon. The rain was so heavy that during the best man’s speech the power even went out! The generators were tended too and everything was sorted in a matter of minutes.

Their marque was set up on the tennis court and in order to protect the surface of the court they added flooring. Thankfully they did because while sections of the marque were sitting under about an inch of water the majority stayed rather dry. I can only imagine if the flooring wasn’t in place just how much of a water park the wedding reception would have turned into!

I tend to think the weather is a rather interesting element on a wedding day. You (for the most part) really have no idea what it will be like. I claim Henry and Megan’s wedding broke the drought with one of the biggest downpours of rain I have ever seen. I think this puts them straight into the farming hall of fame. Well I’m putting them in there!