Welcoming Baby Oscar | Toowoomba

May 5, 2017


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I visited Carlee and Matt not so long after baby Oscar was born.  From the moment I walked in big sister Milla couldn’t wait to show me her drawings and of course her writing and spelling.  You’ll notice my name features at the top of the list… Clearly the new person is the favourite.

Big brother Gus loved any toy that has wheels and is quite particular with how he plays with them.  He lines them up in a certain order and then has everyone come and check out his ‘line up’.  My favourite comment of the day ‘ Hey mummy, like my line up?’

Littlest and newest sibling quiet baby Oscar could almost go unnoticed particularly when Milla and Gus are around.  He’s a pretty cool little dude who barely made a peep.  Although he is small the love everyone has for him is big.  Maybe too big in Gus’ case.