Matthew + Tabitha | Samsonvale Hall Wedding

October 12, 2017


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To me every wedding is special.  No matter how big or small it is special.  Sure, I attend loads of weddings every year however each wedding is so different and special for many reasons.

I met Matt and Tabs following a friend referring me.  After meeting I knew I had just met 2 awesome people and I was over the moon when they asked if I would photograph their wedding.  A few months passed by and we caught up for their engagement photos.  Check the session out here.

It wasn’t too long until the wedding day was upon us and I was excited.  The day was full of love.  Like actual love.  Matt and Tabs recited their own vows to each other and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house (myself included).  I could talk all day about how much this wedding has touched my heart and I wanted to share something beautiful which happened following the wedding.  Tabitha’s mum Cheryl wrote me.  What she wrote is below and tears still well whenever I run my eyes over her lovely words.


What can I say..
Everytime I look at slideshow for Tabitha and Matts wedding I cry, yes there has been lots and lots of tears. It is a stunning piece of photography and I cannot thank you enough.
You really captured the essence of the day and the images used are absolutely beautiful, you are truly a storyteller and memory maker.
I just want to send you a virtual hug as I cannot do it in person. Assure you ,next time I am near Toowoomba will come and give you one.
Thank you again
7th June 2017
Now feast your eyes on the love fest that was Matt and Tabitha’s wedding day!

Samsonvale Hall Wedding