Chris & Paige | Blenheim Property Wedding | Scenic Rim

July 29, 2019


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Chris and Paige’s wedding was held in Blenheim on Paige’s family property.  I remember driving up to the property the day before to check out some photo spots and feeling quite excited for the next day.  This is usually how I feel before a wedding day especially when I’ve been on a scouting mission.  I like to go in with a plan so we are not wasting time on the wedding day looking around for photo spots.  I do use the word ‘plan’ loosely as lots of times things change on wedding days like light or the weather.  This is all part of the fun of weddings though!

Their wedding has been featured over on Polka Dot Bride and you can check that out here.

Chris and Paige filled out a questionnaire where they were their proposal story:

It was Sunday the 20th of November 2016. Chris had told me his grandparents were travelling up from Geraldton to spend the day with us. Chris had organised for us to have lunch together and then after decided it would be nice to spend the afternoon on the Rockingham foreshore having some drinks. It was such a beautiful day therefore the beach and restaurants were full of people. After we had arrived we walked along the foreshore and stopped to decide where to go to first. As we were discussing where to go I had noticed Chris’s pop was filming us and in that moment I thought it was strange but didn’t think to much into it. Soon after Chris’s nan came up to me and told me to look up into the sky. It was then I saw a little plane and behind it was a banner which said “ Will you be my mrs Agnew”? In that moment I thought to myself this couldn’t be me as I looked around to see if anyone else was getting engaged! It wasn’t until I saw Chris down on one knee with a ring and say “Lets do this babe” I knew that it was us. There were people screaming and cheering us all over the beach, it was a pretty amazing moment and one I will never forget.