Photography is my Jam!

If you’re like me ‘About Lucy’ is the first place you visited on this little site of mine…

I’ll be honest I’d much rather talk about you.  My fatal flaw.  I guess it’s not that awful of a flaw.

I promise, I’m a much better photographer than I am a talk-about-myselfer.

Because I’m not the most amazing talk-about-myselfer, I’ve decided to share a story from my childhood that up until recently I had forgotten.

So here goes…

When I was a kid probably around 10 or 11 I used to spend way too much time (I say way too much because really any more than, this once, in passing is way too much)  thinking about what I would do if the house were to burn down.

I had my escape route mapped out.  The plan was to grab the blanket from my bed, race to the photo cupboard in the lounge and put as many brilliant pictures of me and my family as possible into my doona.  I would then race out of the house with the cat in my spare arm.  It would be epic, and my family, once they escaped the fiery pit that was my home, would name me the hero, because I, Lucy, had saved the family legacy.

At the time I didn’t realise just how important this little process that I had refined would be.  Photography really is my life and truth be told always has been.  I feel incredibly lucky to have found my passion and humbled by the fact I am able to share my love for photography with others and have them experience the same enjoyment.

Incase you are after more I laugh lots – mostly at myself, I have a super cute kitty cat – Violet-Ruby and I grew up on the Darling Downs my home town being Dalby.  I moved to
Toowoomba about 10 years ago where I am currently based. I am however available for travel Australia wide.
For more on my day-to-day life check me out on Instagram.

I’ve started a video log (VLOG) of my adventures as a photographer.  It’s really more of a behind the scenes look into what I get up to.

Week One - Vlog

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