A City Engagement | Brisbane

July 6, 2017


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Graham and Laura met me on a not so wintery Tuesday in June in the middle of Brisbane City.  They walked, I talked and we made some nice pictures together.  As we finished up Graham so effortlessly ordered an Uber.  For me this was super interesting considering Toowoomba has only just grasped the concept with a few cars offering the service.  After seeing how easy it was I am totally on board.  I waved them goodbye as they stood waiting.  To my surprise I actually met their Uber driver (he was bamboozled in the city) and I directed him over to the professional city goers waiting by the roadside.  I am most likely 1 out 3 Australians who are yet to have an Uber experience and now all the above may make me seem quite behind the times….

Anyways have a look at the photos we made!