2017 | Wedding Favourites

January 12, 2018


Vulputate Purus Vehicula Sem


Fermentum Nullam Sollicitudin Tellus


Magna Euismod Fusce


Egestas Fusce Cursus


I have been sitting here for what feels like an eternity putting together this post.  Scrolling through each and every wedding that I was apart of in 2017 was nothing short of phenomenal.  To be honest that was my favourite part of this entire process.  Reflecting.

Remembering all the little (and big) things that happened and being transported right back to that day in time.

Each and every photo included in this collection has an interestingly wonderful story behind it and if you had a million years to spare I could tell you all these stories.  These stories have become apart of my story and this I love the most.  I’m mostly grateful for these memories, moments and connections which I am so frequently apart of.  Overall this makes me a better human.  After all isn’t that what we really want at the end of the day, to be better human beings?

Wrapping up things with the warmest of thanks to all my amazing clients.  Without them this isn’t possible and I wouldn’t have the opportunity to do the thing I love day in, day out.  My eyes are soggy with the happiest of tears and my heart is full.  2017 you heartbreaker you!